Case study on cost behavior and cost-volume-profit analysis.

Prepare a narrated PowerPoint presentation or PowerPoint with VoiceThread along with supporting calculations in Excel to address the following:

The product that I picked was Wine (alcoholic beverage)  

ONLY ANSWER questions 3 & 4!!!!

  1. Discuss what product your company will manufacture. Explain why you selected this product.
  2. Determine the selling price for your product and estimate your sales in units for 3 years.
  3. List at least 8 costs that your company will incur. You must include multiple variable costs, fixed costs, and mixed costs. Please explain why you classified each cost in the manner that you did.
  4. For each of the costs that you listed above, please estimate the cost. Please keep in mind that variable costs are incurred per unit and fixed costs in total. Mixed costs have a variable and fixed cost component.
  5. Calculate how many units of your product you will have to sell to break-even for the next 3 years.
  6. Calculate the margin of safety in units for each of the 3 years based on your projections above.
  7. In year 1, you are happy to break-even but as a group discuss what target profit you would like to make for Year 2 and 3? Based on your target profit, calculate how many units you would need to sell.
  8. Realistically, do you feel manufacturing this product makes sense or is it too risky? You must justify your decision.

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