Technical writing week 5 | English homework help

  • In our textbook, read Chapter 5: Designing Documents” on pages 85 111.

  • Do Exercises 2 and 3 on page 109. Exercise 2 refers to Figure 5-3, which is on pages 91 and 92. For Exercise 2, format your response as a memo addressed to me. Be sure to review the criteria for writing effective memos and emails, which were included in the Week 2 assignment sheet.

  • For your convenience in revising the GrillWizard instructions for Exercise 3, I have attached to the Week 5 assignment in Bb both MS Word and RTF versions of Figure 5-15. When you revise the document, do the following:

    1. Limit your revision of Figure 5-15 to one 8.5 x 11-inch page, front only, with at least 0.5-inch margins.

    2. Be sure to include some relevant ISO safety icons, which can be downloaded from the web; just type in “ISO safety icons” in your browser window. They are not copyright protected; anyone can use them. Feel free to include other informative visuals if they will fit on the page without crowding the text.

    3. Omit irrelevant marketing information, which has no place in a set of instructions; it belongs elsewhere, like on the packaging or on the company’s web site. If people are reading the instructions, they have already purchased the GrillWizard and now need to know how to set it up and use it safely. Don’t waste their time and distract them with marketing information.

    4. In addition to applying the principles of accessibility and usability addressed in Chapter 5, apply any relevant principles of ethics from Chapter 3 and principles of readability from Chapter 4.

  • Save your responses to both the exercises in a single MS Word file using the correct file name, e.g., JaneDoeWeek5.docx.

  • Upload your file by to the Week 5 link in the Assignments & Exams page of Bb by the due date and time.


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