Swk103- social work & deviant behavior

 Lesson 9A Discussion

Application of Theory: Provide two examples to your classmates on how the Social Control Theory explains deviant behavior. Up to 200 words in minimum length, just be sure to provide two examples with explanations. You are required to respond to two classmates.

Lesson 9B Discussion

Discuss the difference between internal and external controls. Provide examples of each and how they are connected with deviance. 

Discussion posts should be 1 page in length (approximately 250 words).

Lesson 10 Discussion

As of 2015, women made up 10.4% of the incarcerated population in adult prisons and jails. Why do you think women make up such a small percentage of the total incarcerated population? (You can support your opinion with outside resources if you wish; just make sure to cite your source[s] at the end of your discussion post). 

This discussion should be a minimum of 1 page (250 words).


(Suzanne Peaden. (2017, Dec 7). Social Control Theory. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEMWE9rJK3E)

Social Control Theory


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