assignment 03: nursing facility, subacute care, home health care | HA4120D-Management of Continum Care Services | National American University

HA4120D – Management of Continuum Care Services 


Do an assignment on this subject, about different healthcare facilities and their function

Prepare a 2-3 page,  (cite 3-4 reliable sources) that addresses the following:

This activity is designed to provide you with insight regarding the types of continuum of care housing available in your local community. Contact and research one of each of the following types of facilities: 1) Nursing Facility, 2) Subacute Care Facility, and 3) Home Health Care.

Address the following topics as they relate to each type of facility:

• Types of services, residents served, and staff (licensed and unlicensed).

• Types of regulations that govern this facility regarding care and quality of care, and who does the regulating.

• Detail some of the ethical issues for this type of facility.

• Sources of financing for this facility and average cost per month.

• Identify where this type of facility fits into the continuum of care.

Conclude with the following:

• State any insights gained through this experience.

• Were there any surprises?

• Was much available in your community?

• If not, how could this affect the families and loved ones needing continuum of care?





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